SHOWS 2018Feb

Jan          25th-YMCA HQ, Leederville. Figurehead, Homebrand, Hell Average & Illish

Feb         18th- Exposure 2018 Youth Music Festival, Perry Lakes Skate Park.

March      31- The Odd Fellow, Norfolk Street, Fremantle

April         6th Figurehead EP Launch, YMCA HQ Leederville.

July        13th The Garage, Osbourne Park

               22th The Aardvark, Fremantle

Aug         04th The Bird, Williams street, Northbridge.

               24th  Sheppard, The metropolis, Fremantle.

Sept        04th Young Robin, Mojos, North Fremantle.  


SHOWS 2017    

March      Cambridge Street Festival, Carnival, Perry Lakes 

March      24th- Single Launch, YMCA HQ Leederville.

April        7th- The Rosemount Hotel, North Perth.

               23rd- Perry Lakes Skate Park Festival

June       16th- YMCA HQ, Leederville.

July        22nd- Those Who Dream, YMCA HQ, Leederville

August   12th- The Love Junkies, YMCA HQ, Leederville 

               26th- Fly by Night Club Fremantle.

Sept       16th- Young Robin Single Launch, Badlands, Perth.

October  11th- Mojo Rising, Mojos Bar, North Fremantle.


SHOWS 2016

Jan    12th- Mojos Bar Fremantle.

Feb    12th- YMCA HQ, with Uncle Jeffrey, Puzzel and No Short Cut Home.
           20th- HYPERFEST. Midland Oval. 
           27th- Baysie Youth Fest, Bayswater.

Mar    19th- SAN CISCO, Mosquito Coast & Figurehead, at the J-Shed Fremantle
           20th- Mosman Park, Mann Oval.

Apr      09th- Gosnells Youth Fest.

May     06th-YMCA HQ Leederville. Featuring: Figurehead, Mixed Signals, MOTH, 
            Pacific Tide, Pot Plant House Party
            12th-  The Love Junkies-NoBody Single Tour- The Garage, Osborne Park.

June    26th- The High Learys- YMCA HQ Leederville.
            28th- Mojos Bar North Fremantle.

July     21st- The Big Splash, Mojos Bar North Fremantle.
           30th- YMCA HQ Leederville. (Moth, Figurehead, Puzzle, Harrow Lodge)

Aug    12th- YMCA HQ Leederville.
           19th- The Never Never (support), The Rosemount, North Perth
           26th- The Big Splash Semi-Final #2, Badlands.

Nov      5th-  WAMfest Saturday Spectacular, PICA Amphitheatre ALL AGES stage. FREE
           13th-  6006 in the Park, Woodville Reserve, Fitzgerald Street and Farmer Street.

Dec     3rd TBC
            4th TBC
            7th Chiara La Woo, If You Find The Time" Perth Tour,  Babuska, with Regular Boys and Mung Dahl.

SHOWS 2015

March  7th- Sound Overload Battle of The Bands
          13th- Support The Love Junkies, The McDonald Street Garage
          28th- YMCA HQ
          29th- Sound Overload Battle of The Bands Final
          29th- The Herdsman Tavern

April   22nd- The Four5nine Bar

May      7th- The Good Shepherd  
          22nd- The Four5nine Bar
          22nd- YMCA HQ 

June    2nd- MoJo's Freo Sounds
             7th- Support Lurch and Chief, the Four5nine                                
           23rd- Four5nine Bar, Showcase
           25th- The Big Splash, The Bird The Big Splash Review

July    10th- YMCA HQ
           28th- The Rosemount, Open Mic

Aug      7th- The Rosemount, The Big Splash Semi-Final
           14th- YMCA HQ, Leederville

Sept     7th- Mojos Bar North Fremantle           
           18th- The Little Wing Corner Gallery Rockscholars Showcase

Oct      31st- Norfolk Lanes Youth Festival, Fremantle

Nov       6th- WAM Showcase Special, YMCA HQ Leederville
            14th- The Beaufort Street Festival
            19th- EP Launch- MoJos Bar North Fremantle
            20th- EP Launch- YMCA HQ Leederville
            31st- The Wanneroo Show

Dec     5th- Rock Scholars Festivus 2015- The Rosemount Hotel
          18th- The Love Junkies, The Garage.

Feb     5th- Support The Love Junkies, The Garage. Cancelled