The Big Splash Wild Card See's Figurehead Through To The Semi-Final
Everything about Bri Clark comes out on the surface and comes so deep. Probably the best singer in terms of singer-singers of the night, Bri's music tastes aren't underground or dare we say challenging and in this way she produces music that may very well prove to be huge through commercial networks, big FM etc. We heard Dee - the owner of Atlas Clothing - express how much she enjoyed Bri Clark's set but that she would love the opportunity to, in her eyes, complete the ensemble by styling them all the same way so they look like they're part of the same gang. Go and see Bri if you like talent that has been polished.

Etéana kind of has a voice of those early 90s massive RnB pop hits with a range from low to high that's required for that kind of dynamic pop. A lot of the songs weren't quite songs yet and that's fine as that's what some people do and a lot of people love, they want a sound. We are really excited for Etéana, especially when we hear some of the tunes played at the end of the set which had hooks and which didn't jump around rhythmically, chord-ally, or feel-wise too much, and just let the audience in. Etéana and her producer have a in-the-bedroom studio kind of vibe and this gives them a point of difference to some of the more image chiseled artists in the experimental electronic pop scene. 

If we went to a divorce party we would imagine that there would be certain pockets of certain crew having a blast in different parts of the venue. There's the ex-wife and her new pals, there's the ex-husband lonely but high, there's the mistress who's carefree, and there's some sexy man walking around who doesn't seem to be talking to anyone. In this way Divorce Party had a lot of separate awesomeness going on. All great exploratory players definitely vibing at the same party, that being Sonic Youth and other down strokey introspective rocking guitar zones. Sweet band, can't wait for them to get a little bit more cohesive, not too much though...

FOAM always had promise and have always been supported from quite early on with good people helping them along the way. These guys all saw something more than their first few years have delivered in that it was pretty obvious in what bands FOAM love. That's all changed. Bass lines jarring slinky lines in half time to the groove, tight as an anally retentive fish's asshole drumming, and super cool holding-it-together guitar parts and the man singing with his own voice. FOAM won. 

But that's not all! Second wild card selected by The Big Splash panel from the entire set of Heats 1 through to 8, much to many contributors to this very page's relief, was the super talented Figurehead.

Next week! Friday July 31 at the Rosemount Hotel catch the catch the FIRST semi-final. Competing for the chance to play the Grand Final and ultimately 10k prize are alt rockers Verge Collection, the ultimate in cool tongue in cheek performers Cool Band, the band whose name says it all Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, post-punk but with good poems Shit Narniaand Wild Card taker-outers the magical, psychedelic pop outfit Apollo's Son.

Semi-Final #2 is on Friday August 7 also at the Rosemount Hotel and will feature The High LearysJacob DiamondThe SouthwicksFOAM, and Figurehead.

The Grand Final will be at the Rosemount Hotel on August 14th.

The Big Splash's photo.

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