The Big Splash Band Comp Heat 4, @ The Bird- by Linda Dunjey The

Big thanks to Linda Dunjey and the The for this review.
"Next up, an indie rock/pop band with an average age of 15 years formed last year, impressively taking out the Rock Scholars Band of the Year for 2014 and earning themselves second place in this year’s Sound Overload Battle of the Bands. Sure, there’s the initial impact of their youth but it’s soon forgotten when they start playing. They were into their second song when bass and drums really hit their stride and from then on they were an unstoppable force. High points were the gorgeous Blind, with lead singer and guitarist Matt Murphy’s voice finding its sweet spot and a riff that’s guaranteed to be one of the best earworms you’ve heard in a while. The song of the set though was Blue Tongues, with its evocative word pictures, the sort of melody that brings your heart up into your throat, and Figurehead’s cohesive musicianship.
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Photography by George Foster Photography

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