This was the closest heat yet of The Big Splash! Presented by 4 Pines Brewing Company The Big Splash Heat #4 was an incredible night and a tough one to call. Judges last night were Ben Young, Roy Martines, Brett Walsh, Chris Wright and Jamie Terry and to refresh everyone’s memories the bands were; Agamous Betty, Figurehead, Shit Narnia, and The Methamphetaqueens,. 

Coming in fourth was Agamous Betty who had the crowd mesmerised with his poetic cabaret inspired experimental indie rock. There was a dark demented circus theme undercutting the set, but possibly more theatricality and experience that comes with time was needed to take it that next step. 

The Methamphetaqueens brought an energy to the stage with their balls out Rock n Roll, they have definitely heard the Eagles of Death Metal and Queens of the Stone Age and created a swinging pendulum between straight up rock and post-post rock. One track in particular had a great decrescendo but ultimately the tight knit quartet with their thumping fuzzy bass was not enough to win this eve.

Second and first place were the closest we have had to date. Figurehead brought that rare combination of talented musicians with no pretension. They had great riffs with sick guitarmonies. A super tight outfit with a catchy indie pop sound with a dash of psychedelia - it was obvious to all that they were going to be a tough one to beat. 

If nothing else Shit Narnia {(pictured) were shirt off, sweaty, aussie flippin punk. But there's than that more going on. Described by MC Magnus as an-energised-Frankenstein-of-all-of-the-choicest-limbs-picked-from-the-graves-of-the-Epitaph-label-from-the-late-80’s-and-early-90’s; their set was genuine rawness uber embellished by visceral yet bookish punk poetry, delivering blunt and pointed storytelling. This was furthered by their epic dynamic shifts and moving crescendos. Shit Narnia were almost naked and emotional and all this led to the band taking out the night. So congratulations go out to Shit Narnia winners of Heat #4!

However not only Shit Narnia made it through; the wild card from the first four heats - picked by the founders of The Big Splash Andrew Ryan and Maria Florides - has been announced. The incredible & magical, psychedelic pop outfit Apollo’s Son are Wild Card winner and will go through to play the Rosemount Hotel on July 31st alongside Verge Collection, Cool Band, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets and Shit Narnia!

Next week! Thursday July 2 at Mojo’s Bar is heat #5, catch music divining rods Beach Aunty, indie rockers Bliss In Berlin, 60s-vibe psych pop outfit The High Learys, and rock enthusiasts Valdaway.

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