Figurehead - Photography courtesy of Rollo Photography

Figurehead, who formed in 2014 and took out second place in the 2015 Sound Overload Battle of the Bands just a year later, were next to the stage, gracing us with their unique brand of alt-pop that had an unmistakable classic-rock feel to it. Having supported the likes of fellow Perth rockers The Love Junkies, these guys were no strangers to the stage, which came through in their cool, confident performance. In rushed a new influx of eager watchers, mostly younger people, which brought a youthful, energetic atmosphere to the venue and made for plenty of ‘interesting’ dance moves in response to Figurehead’s irresistible sound. Keen for the audience to get the most out of their set, vocalist Matt Murphy urged the crowd to come closer to the stage, and it can be safely said that nobody had to be told twice; collectively surging towards the band with such ardour that it was impossible to be content with remaining on the outskirts of the group. These boys sure knew how to woo a crowd, and had them drawn in from the get-go with their opening track ‘Benches’, which introduced us to Murphy’s dulcet vocals, and the upbeat but soothing guitar melodies that ran through their set, culminating in ‘Blind’, and ‘You Got Me’ which closed the it. The latter stood out from the rest, with huskier vocals, heavier guitar, a contagious chorus, and longer instrumentals which showcased the artists’ range of abilities. The end of Figurehead’s set was met with well earned cheers and applause as they made way for the next band. 
For the full review follow the link http://teensoulmag.com/2015/06/02/uncle-jeffrey-figurehead-turtle-island-raksha-at-the-hq-leederville/

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